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Open letter from our Founder

As Christians, and to all who do good works, we are called to care for the sick, love the hurt and feed the hungry. As a Canadian, you have charities all around you doing these good works every day. In most cases, these organizations are staffed with people with big hearts and a compassionate desire to help others. And more than likely the organization needs perpetual financial support … you know of one. It’s the orphanage two towns over, or perhaps the eye clinic and the food bank that do so much for those in need. Yes, desperate needs are getting met and, time and again you’ve stepped up and given to a cause when those needs compelled you.

You’re older now, blessed with means from a lifetime of hard work and diligent management of assets and savings. Like most, you maintained life insurance to protect your family. Now, one of the dilemmas you face is that your policy no longer serves its original purpose and yet, the premiums need to be paid.

If we could, we would shout from the rooftops, “Don’t Throw It Away! Don’t let it lapse!” Think bigger, much bigger. That ongoing policy premium you’ve paid for so many years doesn’t have to go to waste. You can now donate it to one or more charities you know, whose mission has been dear to your heart over the years. This is what we help you do.

At LifePoint Foundation Canada it’s our mission to help charities thrive.   We take over the payment of premiums on your policy so the benefits will bless charities doing God’s work. All those premiums you’ve paid don’t have to go down the drain because they will be maintained by LifePoint and provide a legacy of giving greater than you imagined. In addition, there’s a sizable, charitable tax deduction with your name on it.

If you’re over age 70 and you have a policy you want to consider donating, talk to us at LifePoint. Let’s chat about the possibilities.

Dale E. Toney
LifePoint Foundation Canada


LifePoint Foundation Canada is a registered Canadian charity designated as a Public Foundation. Our purpose is to help registered Canadian charities thrive by allowing seniors to turn their unneeded life insurance policies into gifts for a higher purpose. Charities across Canada are staffed by wonderful volunteers and supported by generous donations and yet, they continue to struggle financially, uncertain about their long-term capability to provide for those in need. Our mission is ensure they thrive and are sustained over the long-term.

We can help you turn your life policy

into a miraculous legacy of giving.

Dale Toney

LifePoint Foundation is partnered with other registered Canadian charities and has millions of dollars available for funding premiums and working together for a better tomorrow. Through LifePoint, your idle policy is transformed into an ongoing legacy of support for Canadian charities who, in turn, support hospitals, schools orphanages, churches … many great causes that make our world a better and more caring place.


Imagine … turning life into legacy

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