This makes financial sense
As a financial advisor, you are constantly looking for new ways to better your clients’ financial situation, including improvements on how they handle their life insurance. Life insurance industry statistics show that over 80% of Canadian seniors allow their insurance policies to lapse. That’s not only unfortunate, it is not in the best interests of your clients. Their life insurance policy is an asset with significantly more value than most of them realize.

LifePoint presents an excellent financial strategy for seniors to tap into the value in their policies. Often they are weighed down by premium payments, particularly if they are on a fixed income and still paying taxes. LifePoint’s program captures the value in their asset, eliminates the cost of premiums and creates a significant tax credit.

Rather than having your clients’ life insurance policies lapse, which returns no value to them, we assist you in turning those policies into something meaningful and rewarding you and your clients.

Call us today and learn more about what financial benefits you can offer your clients through the LifePoint Foundation Canada program.

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