It’s a great opportunity to leave a legacy and receive
a sizeable tax benefit – before the year-end.


Your life insurance policy is an asset that has a hidden value. You have funded and maintained your policy over the years and until now have not had many options. You can either maintain the premiums and keep the policy in force or let it lapse. Of course, some policies have a small cash surrender value, but it is minor compared to the overall value of the policy and what that value could mean to you and those in need.

A much better financial option

If you donate your policy to a registered Canadian charity of your choice, it will provide benefits greater than you ever thought possible. It helps the charity thrive and sustain its good work, you receive a significant financial benefit and we pay the premiums.

Once you donate your policy through the LifePoint Foundation, LifePoint starts paying 100% of the ongoing premiums and rewards you with a tax credit. In some cases this credit allows you to recover a large portion of the premiums you’ve paid. After your death, and after the cost of premiums and operational expenses, LifePoint distributes the net death benefits to the charities.

Year-end tax benefit

If you are 70 or older and have a life insurance policy with a minimum death benefit of $25,000, your policy may qualify for the LifePoint Foundation Canada program. We can process your donation before the year-end tax deadline. LifePoint has delivered hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax credits to our donors.


How big could your gift be?

Call LifePoint for an indication of the size and investment impact of your gift and we’ll be happy to discuss with you the possibilities. Or email your questions to us.

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