I hadn’t thought about my old life insurance policy in years. It was just a small
policy that I didn’t need anymore so I decided to give it an eternal purpose.

Tom R.

Sometimes we are not aware of the considerable impact our giving has on the lives of those in need and yet, we know that every little bit counts. We give generously, embracing the joy of giving.

Today, as never before, Canadians can give a gift that makes an impact greater than they ever imagined – and receive a significant benefit that is in addition to the pure joy of giving.

Give your policy new purpose

Canadians can now donate an unneeded or unwanted life insurance policy to a registered charity of their choice and provide a sustaining gift that allows charities to thrive.

Each year more than 80% of Canadians who own life insurance allow their policies to lapse even though they have paid tens-of-thousands of dollars in premiums. It’s the loss of billions of dollars that could go to a better purpose. It no longer has to be this way. LifePoint Foundation Canada now provides you with a wonderful alternative, a new opportunity that allows you to turn an unneeded or unaffordable life insurance policy into gifts for a higher purpose … making our world a better, more caring place.

LifePoint Foundation Canada is a registered Canadian charity designated as a Public Foundation.

Imagine … turning life into legacy

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